Summer 2016

  • West Oxfordshire submits their Expression of Interest to the Government's Locally-led Garden Villages, Towns and Cities Programme

Winter 2017

  • Selection as one of fourteen government sponsored garden villages and towns

Summer 2018

  • The Area Action Plan Issues Paper for the OCGV is published for consultation
  • The OCGV Area Action Plan Issues Paper consultation concludes
  • The Government publishes their Garden Communities prospectus

Autumn 2018

  • West Oxfordshire’s local Plan 2031 is adopted
  • Specialist evidence on a range of topics is commissioned
  • The first Community Forum takes place in Eynsham and works to develop for the garden village

Winter 2018

  • The second Community Forum takes place in Eynsham village. The Forum works to develop perceptions of need for various group of people
  • Eynsham Parish Council submit the Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan (version 2) for pre-examination consultation.

Winter 2018  / Spring 2019

  • The third Community Forum take part in study tours to other garden communities at different stages of completion ('the Good, the Bad, the Ugly') to gather inspiration

Spring 2019

  • Specialist reports are developed and submitted to WODC
  • The Community Forum examine opportunities and constraints
  • The 6-week pre-examination consultation period for the Eynsham
  • Neighbourhood Plan concludes. Independent examination to follow
  • 'Preferred Options' for the OCGV are generated and tested
  • Oxford Brookes Urban Design students present their masterplan proposals to the Community Forum
  • Design workshops with the Community Forum are held

Summer 2019

  • The ‘Preferred Options’ for the OCGV to be published for consultation

Summer / Autumn 2019

  • Comments from the ‘Preferred Options’ consultation are reviewed
  • The AAP is refined and submitted to WODC Full Council

Winter 2019/ Spring 2020

  • Production of draft Area Action Plan

Summer 2020

  • Consultation of draft Area Action Plan (AAP)

Winter 2020/21

  • Submission to Planning Inspectorate

Summer 2021

  • AAP considered at examination hearing sessions

Autumn/Winter 2021/22

  • Additional work carried out by WODC on infrastructure phasing

Summer 2022

  • Adoption of AAP and determination of Outline Planning Application

Autumn 2022 onwards

  • Delivery phase

The story so far

Our garden village will provide a great quality of life for people to flourish in a healthy, sustainable and well-connected community.



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