Salt Cross Garden Village aspires to contribute to food security in West Oxfordshire

‘A place to grow; a space to breathe’ is the slogan for Salt Cross Garden Village. The village seeks a ground breaking approach to promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles. It’s a landscape led ambition looking to tackle climate change by seeking a zero-carbon community and 25% increase in various homes for different species of plants and animals so that people and nature can harmoniously live together.  Salt Cross is aiming high in providing for nature, seriously changing the way we deliver homes for people in the UK. 

Having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food is something many take for granted. Inflation is creating higher daily costs of food for everyone, and war in Ukraine  is impacting on food supplies in the UK and across the world. The number of food banks and those needing them has noticeably increased and is increasing further. At Witney and West Oxfordshire food bank for example, church and community groups work together to stop hunger in the local area.  

At Salt Cross the potential for people to grow their own food is immense; with access to private and community food growing gardens, doorstep allotments and community orchards. More than dedicated growing spaces, hedgerows, woodland edges and glades can provide foraging grounds. Careful species selections of  trees and plants which provide edible leaves, fruits and roots can be planted  along the edges of  walkways and cycleways in dedicated green corridors, providing potential for residents of Salt Cross and enthusiast groups to engage with growing food and nature. Salt Cross also aspires to bring people together at community hub spaces  to share,  enjoy cooking, learning and celebrate changing seasons with music and events. 

Planning, delivery and stewardship challenges are being carefully considered with committed leadership, vision and ambition. Salt Cross;  ‘a place to grow; a space to breathe’ will contribute to Good Food Oxfordshire’s sustainable food network, providing healthy, fair and environmentally sustainable food for all.

The village will have 2,200 homes, 50% affordable within walkable neighbourhoods. Schools, community sport, leisure, health facilities and local shops and a Science Park connected by greenway networks, linking habitat rich green spaces and open water features. 

There will be a park and ride and 6 minute bus connection to Oxford City.  Cycleway connections to Hanborough Station means links to Oxford and London within about an hour.

West Oxfordshire’s  Garden Community at Salt Cross  will seek to  embed sustainable food systems, maximising food growing opportunities. Connecting people to growing, production, consumption and contributing to local fresh food supply for everyone

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